In order to use our service we will require our clients to provide at least these data/documents. While getting complete business intelligence report are a paid service, general company overview report including risks and opportunities identification is available for free. Here is the list:

  1. Comparative US GAAP/IFRS Financial Statement (consists of: Statements of Financial Position/Balance Sheet, Statements Profit or Loss, Statements of Cash Flow, Statements of Equity, Notes to Financial Statements)
  2. Company Profile (providing at least: Products and/or Services and Business Model)
  3. Send our Terms of Service back along with your data to confirm that you have read and agreed (download here)
  4. Send them all to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Please provide us with detailed, accurate or audited if possible, and honest data for best report quality.
Although we recommend full public transparency in business management, for privacy and legal issues, clients are advised to use only initials or disguised identity for employees' and company’s name.
As mentioned in the Terms of Service, any occurring risks resulted from using our service are fully under the sole responsibility of our clients themselves.


Our business intelligence reports would provide at least:

  1. General overview of the company [free]
  2. Possible general risk or threat exposures and opportunities from current situation [free]
  3. Proposed priority tasks for management [paid]
  4. Strategical plans subsequent to the proposed task [paid]
  5. Expected results with detailed Key Performance Indicators [paid]

Normally we finish the report in about 5x24 hours, depending on how quickly our client respond to our requests for additional data. Our client will most likely needs to answer at least 3 emails to provide those data. Here are the steps:

  1. Submission of business data
  2. First email response sent to client, we might ask for some additional informations
  3. Your data is reviewed, analysed, and summarised along with other data from our research
  4. Free General Overview Business Intelligence Report is ready and sent to client with an offer for complete Business Intelligence Report
  5. Invoice are sent and paid
  6. Second email response from Plomia, we might ask for further informations and data through discussions or question lists
  7. Your data is processed and tested for implementation
  8. Final assesment questions is asked for feedbacks
  9. Informations are summarised into a Business Intelligence Report and sent to the client

To see how a finished report looks like, please visit this page at the Library.


We use third-party invoicing service from PayPal to accept payments. They provide us a platform for secure processing of debit/credit cards or other payment methods. We will send the invoice to your email address upon your request for the complete report.

IMPORTANT! The only valid invoice link is the one that is written in our subsequent pdf report. We do not use any other invoicing method and do not send any invoice link through email. Please check carefully before paying, and confirm us about the payment right after you pay.

Thank you for your trust in our service.