Sample imageWe are focused on digitally improving businesses' quality as they play an important role in improving our lives. Whether we like it or not, huge companies set trends, either through their marketing campaigns or their innovative products. They change our minds through deep and extensive studies ranging from management to psychology, and even actively involved in shaping our government. Let's take internet as an example, this technology is actually already available much longer before 2000's,


"Internet has begin since 1960s with the creation of ARPANET, or the Advanced Research Projects Agency Network"

- Evan Andrews on


but they are usually used in military or governmental defense sector. By that time, it's not profitable yet to provide internet to the wide society, so it grows very slowly and unnoticed. But as we can see now, after plenty technological companies grows out from this 'internet', the popularity rises quickly: speeds are improving (2G to 4G and now 5G), availability is widening, security are improving, and much more, simply because businesses choose to make it so. Yes we all know the dark side of this profit oriented being, nevertheless, it impacted our lives so significantly it become very important to keep them running well and healthily.

We are also one of those business. We try to create values to make things better at a commercial level. That way, we can sustain our expenses independently, thus making our growth secure while also practicing what we're suggesting to businesses. Yes, we give businesses suggestions, mostly the best-practised ones, but we're always open to new findings and hypothesis, for we know that those are the lifeblood of every innovations, which later become crucial for business' growth. Most of them are publicly available for free as articles in our site, but as a commercial being, we also provide some products able to purchased.

Our products varies greatly from as simple as business card templates to automated business analytics service, which is an advanced way of processing business data to derive essential informations that are vital in aiding business decision making process. In short, we help businesses raise their profit by managing themselves better, in return for some cash and profit, so that we can grow and help many more businesses. Researches takes time and money, and so does creating products that will continuously be updated and improved overtime (so it can provide the best support to businesses), hence a good cashflow is necessary. Although many options are available instead of providing this help commercially, our founder's experience prove that commercial business entity provide the most independent status. This which will make us much more flexible dealing with many adversities in implementing revolutionary knowledges. People can decide their opinion simply by purchasing or not purchasing our products. Also, by positioning ourself as a commercial business, we can understand specifically how being a business feels. We make products for businesses by businesses, best-practise approach, tested, and always up to date.


The Plomia Realm


Plomia as a brand is simply a name, but deeper inside, it is actually an abbreviation of a formula which stands for: Profit Leverage Over Market, Investment, Actions. It is still on its beta test, requires much more extensive research, and might not be very stable to be used in a highly risky decision making process, but still, it has gone through many tests, observations, and empirical data analysis to be proven to 'work'. Plomia is our main framework to analyse businesses, it combines many popular technique of market, investment, and action analysis from notorious researchers with our founder's new hypothesis and latest findings from published journals and books in the respective fields. Further details are provided here.

Similarly, our website uses the same perspective in delivering business articles. We categorise them using Plomia's essential aspects: profit, leverage, market analytics, investment analytics, and actions analytics. You can browse for many info there about those individual aspects including latest knowledge updates from recent findings. Use our website as you wish, whether browsing around to gather some useful information, or purchasing our products at several partner site, or use our Plomia Analytics for your business. Ask us anything if you need more info about legal issues (yes, our content is copyrighted and trademarked, but many should be available for commercial or educational and personal purpose license), products, or reference and updates.


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As a whole, our aim is to provide collections of valid, up to date, and best-practised knowledge about business. As simple as it seems, it might become a never ending task, but that will still be our aim, quite similar to our brother Wikipedia but in an expanding way in the business field. We will try to provide as many references possible so you can find out more about it. We will also provide suggestion for some of our products that are connected to the topic, either as a useful complement or topic expander. Targeted advertisement may also appear in our sites, as they  sometimes also provide useful service to complement the topic, but we'll keep it as cool and related as possible. Those reference and product suggestion will be provided as links or footnotes in the corresponding article. Please take your time to check those parts.

At the end of the day, we're still a human being with huge possibility of making unintended errors or purely accidental issues. Please understand that although we have checked the details as thorough as possible, mistakes might still occur. We greatly appreciate any feedback about these problems and will surely fix them. Despite all that, we'll always keep on pushing our limits by not surrendering to any of those problems. We'll keep on experimenting, making some necessary mistakes and learn from them, doing plenty trials and errors, and share the results to improve businesses, because we knew that errors are essential to take us many steps forward. Thank you for keep trusting us nonetheless!

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