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Our Practise

We provide best-practise and data-driven business management insights. Best-practise means, we provide the compilation of many research results which have its most impact with the lowest variability in the expected result, or in other words, commonly practised and is mostly working fine as a solution. Most of them are conducted by the professional in the field although some others are inferred by observing various cases including a subjective opinion of a certain publisher. As in every research, this will keep being updated and is expected to be changed over time. That's why it is recommended for you to regularly check the article before making decisions. As for data-driven, for every case that we publish, we will make sure that it is based on or in accordance with the fact, even if it is an opinion. The sources will be stated within each article, and further analysis are available for our members.

In general, to make things easier, we display our articles using 4 different categories. These categories are believed to be the easiest way to manage a business as a whole which has already included every aspect that needs to be managed. They are culture, operations, market, and investment. By the way, these aspects are what formed our name (Plomia). We believe that a successful business is always comprised of a good culture (especially persistence and love, abbreviated as PL), operating, marketing, and investing activities (abbreviated as OMIA). Together, the abbreviation forms the PLOMIA.

The culture management segment should be applied to every aspect of the business, while all others are specific for the corresponding topic. This means that even within any operations, market activities, or investment strategy, favourable culture has to be present. On the other hand, what is recommended for operations management most probably won't suit well if implemented within the investment management aspect. They are almost always recommended to be mutually exclusive to provide adequate segregation of duty, enhancing the internal control and reducing the undermining effect of multitasking. For the culture aspect, our ultimate goal is to produce persistent and loving characteristics which are believed to be the most important characteristics for a successful business (and life). But since it is quite a wide topic, there will be lots of articles elaborating those two. Below are the general understanding of these aspects.


It means nothing is instant, always aim and consider the long term benefit, while preventing any forms of delay. It’s the complete opposite end of laziness or unmotivated. To keep enthusiast, progressing carefully is the most recommended action to take in every situation. Never rush on to something, do not quit, be creative, be bold. It is alright to change your course or short term strategy, but stay focused on your long term goal. Be patient when dealing with setbacks, don’t give up, find another way out using your creativity. Innovation is always risky yet worthwhile. Apply this attitude in every aspect of your life.


This is the only possible reason if you want to change your ultimate course or goal. Although being persistent means there shouldn’t be any quitting, if it is conflicting with your loving self, you’re free to prioritise this aspect. Love is the single most important factor in all success, materially or not. To stay being in love, avoid any extremes, stay moderate, be truthful and ethical, take care for everything around you, especially yourself. Your own body, mind, and soul matter the most. Without your body, you won’t be able to operate or enjoy your physical accomplishments. Without your mind, you won’t be able to enjoy happiness. Without your soul, you won’t be able to enjoy peacefulness and wholeness. Do what you love, but always put your best effort. This characteristic also needs to be applied in every aspect of your life.

Operating Activities

This is the standard practice in any given field. This might mean the SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures) in companies or rules in a sports game. In order to be successful much faster, a great comprehension of this aspect will surely help. This is why many investment and educational advises usually told us to specialise. But unfortunately, it is not the only thing that is necessary to be successful, you’ll have to master the other aspects as well.

Marketing Activities

This is how other people perceive you or your action. You don’t have to be pretending to be someone else here, just maintain your respect towards others, but stay within your own comfortable line. The point is to make others know what you’re doing, and probably attract them to support you. This has to be done even if you’re an introvert, sorry. That’s because we’re a social being that always depends on others to source our needs. Without the support and interaction with others, success itself might never exist.

Investing Activities

It is the control measure of your goal versus what you’ve accomplished so far. This aspect analyses and set boundaries to what and what’s not to be done in order to achieve your targets. In business, this will involve the usage of financial ratios and KPIs. For individuals, this might mean the track record of accomplishments, report card, or curriculum vitae. The aim is to continuously keep all the activities tracked so that we can efficiently allocate resources to ensure perpetual growth.

Concluding Remarks

Further details are discussed in specific articles according to the topics. We recommend you to refer back to this page occasionally to remind about how to efficiently use our website. We believe that these aspects of our framework are well known and recognised by plenty of successful people out there. However, so far they haven’t been discussed and presented in such a manner. Hopefully, by doing this, we can help many others to find their way to success, and most importantly, enjoy the life itself. Finally, if everyone and everything are well managed, we expect this world to be healed and literally become the one and only best place to live forever (Mars excluded!).

At the end of the day, we're still a human being with a huge possibility of making unintended errors or purely accidental issues. Please understand that although we have checked the details as thorough as possible, mistakes might still occur. We greatly appreciate any feedback about these problems and will surely fix them. Despite all that, we'll always keep on pushing our limits by not surrendering to any of those problems. We'll keep on experimenting, making some necessary mistakes and learn from them, doing plenty trials and errors, and share the results to improve businesses because we knew that errors are essential to take us many steps forward. Thank you for keep trusting us nonetheless!

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