Sample imageWe compile and design proven data-driven strategies for businesses to improve their performance as they hold a significant part in shaping our society, whether we like it or not. They do this by influencing people's mind and behaviour through their marketing campaigns or simply by launching disruptive products, igniting trends that last. Although sometimes bringing negative impact, these businesses also contribute to plenty of deep and extensive studies that help our society grow. Ranging from management to psychology to law and accounting, and even actively involved in restructuring our government, their role is simply irreplaceable. Let's take the internet as an example.


"Internet has begin since 1960s with the creation of ARPANET, or the Advanced Research Projects Agency Network"

- Evan Andrews on


The internet technology is actually already available much longer before the 2000s, but it is only used in the military or governmental security department back then. At the time, it's not profitable yet to provide internet to society, so it grows very slowly and unnoticed. But as we can see now, after the emergence of many internet companies—which are also driven by sci-fi movie trend—in the dotcom era, its quality rises pretty dramatically: speeds are improving (2G to 4G and now 5G), availability is widening, security are improving (SSL encryption, token system, etc.), and much more, simply because businesses choose to make it so. Yes, we all know the dark side of this profit-oriented being, nevertheless, it impacted our lives so significantly it becomes very important to keep them running well and healthily, away from any ill-mannered practises.

We are also one of those businesses. We try to create values to make things better through commercial means. This way, we can sustain our expenses independently, thus making our growth quick and secure enough while also getting the chance to practise our shared business knowledge and suggestions. Although most of our suggestions are based on the best practices, we always open ourselves to new findings and hypothesis, for we know that those are the lifeblood of every innovation, which is crucial for business' growth. We sincerely believe that our growth can bring benefit to many people in this world, at least helping our community to understand more about businesses. That is why most of our resources are still publicly available for free.


The Plomia


Plomia is actually an abbreviation of a formula which stands for Persistence and Love in Operating, Marketing, and Investing Activities. It is still on its beta test and requires much more extensive research. But still, it has gone through many field-tests, observations, and empirical data analysis to be proven to 'work'. Plomia is our main framework to analyse businesses, it combines many popular techniques to analyse and improve businesses derived from notorious principles combined with our professional experience, and the latest findings from published journals and books in the respective fields. Further details are provided here or simply contact us through one of these ways below.


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