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It's very hot! So hot it becomes scary, what is happening to our world? Why does sometimes it's frigid, yet then it turn super hot within days? Is this happening all over the world?

Apparently, it's all about global warming. Yes, it is happening globally, everywhere. But why? Can we stop this and get things back to 'normal'?

Earth as a planet has some cycle going on in the span of millions of years1. Up until today, it has gone through some periods of super long icy surface, dessert, and even fiery temperatures. These kind of changes is not unusual in any planet, in fact, earth is one of the most unique planet that has quite a stable temperature and atmosphere for life to exist. We've checked many many planets but none of them (yet) qualify better than earth to support life2. There is some candidates though, but still not explorable yet because it is too far away. Our neighbour planet, Mars, may be able to be used as a living place by building some new systems that hopefully successful. However, this still doesn't mean that it is better than earth. It's pretty difficult to make the planet to be able to sustain life like earth. This fact alone should make us realise some critical facts: we should take care of this planet since there might not be any substitute for it in a short while, and even if there is, it will be very very costly.

But what do we care, we're all going to die anyway right? Yes, but don't we all want to live comfortably? Traveling anywhere in a scorching heat is never felt good, those sweats, smells, and all other more serious problems may occur just because of this. Unfortunately, it can still get worse if we don't do anything. We have to fix this together, not just you or me, but all the people in this world. We need to increase our knowledge about this situation globally. This will not be an easy task as there are billions of us and not even half of us actually undestands about global warming and its impacts very well3. To fix this, we need to spread the word, just like how we usually fix every global scale problems. Words that can make our lives improve (or more like survive) quickly.

So what are those? What should we do? First, what's happened has happened, let's not bothering the past too much. It's not about blaming anyone now, we're not here to know who, what, or how it happened, it is now our responsibility as a whole species to stop this global warming. We're here to make differences. Here's some of the best tips that we find from many sources:

  1. Plant Trees, Lots of Trees
  2. Reduce Plastics and Other Waste
    Recycle, minimize carbon-dioxide waste, use less energy electonic devices, or at least manage them
  3. Spread The Word
    Knowlede is power
  4. Consume Less Meat Products
  5. DO NOT Cut Down Trees
  6. Keep Our Environment Clean
  7. DO NOT Overdo It
    Mindset is key
  8. You Got Influence? Use It Wisely!

At the very last, let's do our best in spite of whatever the result is. Let's tackle this problem one step at a time and it will never be too difficult. There's nothing we can not achieve if we work together. Keep on moving!




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