Equity (stock) investment is the riskiest asset class of all the general investment instruments available for the public. Sure that depends on the understanding of the investment itself, but here, we meant it to be different against speculation, just like what Benjamin Graham elaborated in his books. Hence, obviously, the crypto and commodities trade are not within this group, unless you happen to be able to use them wisely enough as hedges—or lucky enough to join those obscure (?) minority groups which really know what's going on as a hands-on insider. Therefore, we strongly suggest that you proceed with enough caution when you're investing in equities.

Some of the wisest ways to lower those risks are by diversifying the equity portfolio to at least 10 companies in different industries and splitting your total investment into another asset class such as bonds while also securing your daily finances so that you'll be able to be in the game for the long run and enjoy the magic of compound interest.


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