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Enterprise Management Simplified

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Financial reports are crucial for investors and managers. Unfortunately, it is complex, turning most away easily, causing businesses to suffer. The good news is, there is now an easy way even for non financial people. Just an upload of anonymous bank statement in Excel format with minor adjustments.

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By having financial reports, investors and managers are able to make accurate decision to address business problems and devise a proper strategy using ratios and more. This can be a game changer, especially for small and medium enterprises.
Plomia © 2010 - PT Plomia Data Sekuritas [ About ]  Financial Reporting Web Application for Non Financial People.
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[ Operation ]  Was once client based dealing with tax and investment management, currently focusing on digital financial reporting SAAS.
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Excel .xls and .xlsx Compatible

1. Prepare Your .xlsx File with
at Least These Four Columns for Each Entry (Row):
'date', 'base_account', 'account', 'amount'

General Ledger

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