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Unsurprisingly, problems soon turn up as we're about to begin analysing the financial numbers: where to start, what to look for, and just, how? Sadly, we have to admit that financial analysis is probably not meant for everyone. It can be boring, difficult, stressful, and even seemingly daunting to be performed, even for the experienced senior accountants and analysts. Hence, here is where we can offer some aid. Our solution for you is by providing analyses of the stocks' value, which are also based on Graham's idea, in a simple and hopefully clear and understandable article-styled basis so that you can understand better about the facts of the company which stock you are buying before you actually buy it. The good news is, it is not free! Which means we will be most likely to stick around for quite some time and you can repeatedly access the full information of the stocks by logging in using your Access ID, obtainable here or else you will see this message below:


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As for our other services, we also provide knowledge and principles that might aid in analysing businesses. These will become especially useful if you're investing actively as an entrepreneur or parts of the company's management team. The resources there are mostly provided for free, but if you need further advanced readings and insights, you will have to have an Access ID to unveil the premium parts and by scrolling towards the insights section available on the side-bar by clicking the '≡' menu at the top-left.

So, ready to get informed? As a reminder, even though the companies presented here on our website are only those which are in a relatively healthy financial condition, their stocks do not automatically translate as a good investment choice. Investment by its nature is always uncertain, especially in shorter terms and high acquiring prices. It is highly advisable to hold your portfolio on a long term basis and fortify them with adequate diversifications to reduce the impacts of such uncertainties. Hence, the reports provided here are by any means not a recommendation in any sort. They simply provide facts (and possibly guidance) for those who want to research more. Companies which data are unavailable either indicate that we believe their current financial shape is generally improper for public investors thus we can not confidently estimate any suitable value or useful reports or, although have undergone diligent supervision, may simply be missing due to errors. Learn more about our criteria here and let's start to keep your investment growing in value!

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