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Fundamental analysis are often overlooked despite their importance in any investment decision making. It bears lots of important insights which have been proven to be strongly correlated with satisfactory portfolio performance. Without it, most investors are identical to gamblers, making choices based on everything else but a true value, hoping somehow they'd make quick profits by outwitting the market. Successful investors however, choose a different path. They control their risk by selecting the best securities based on their intrinsic value and keep their portfolio away from market sentiments while at the same time probably making the most out of the compounded interest or growth effect. Ironically, as the world begins to offer much more data transparency, filtering only for the most important insights is becoming a more and more of a complex task. It takes lots of time, efforts, and experience to process and generate reliable insights from these overwhelming data. Hence, here we are hoping to be the problem solver to save your (investments') day!

Plomia provides a simple, easily understandable, yet powerful couple of paragraphs review for companies listed in the stock exchanges around the world. Although our analyses are based on our own private research, we extensively follow Ben Graham's guide on value investing, which has been proven satisfactory by world's greatest investors since its first publication in the 1973, as well as other selected and reliable publications that has been consistently tested through times. Our research, thus, covers the latest price estimates, significant ratios, backgrounds, other additional figures, all from from more than 10 years of financial statements data. Used wisely, we're sure that these information could be exceptionally beneficial, especially in uncovering the true value of many public securities.

Start by clicking the above menu button, ≡ at the top-left part of this page to find suitable investment insights you need on stocks, bonds, and/or industries. However, most of our contents are unavailable for guests, and you will need to log in using a Plomia membership account to view them. It will grant you access to our premium reviews and contents that will surely safe you plenty of research time, energy, risk, and even possibly helping you in generating some real handsome returns. For more information and support, please text us through WhatsApp (+62)87775001000 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. We wish you a joyous investment journey with Plomia—intelligent investors' must have.

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