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Thomas is enjoying his coffee when he suddenly reminded of his interest to a CFA certification program. He quickly reach his smartphone and browse for the requirements while reaching for drawer to check his archives inside his file holder.

Archiving may look simple and rather a boring task to be done. We have all ben there, stressed out in search for that single important document that seems to be devoured into the underworld.

This article will explain about how to use IBM's SPSS software to analyse a set of data using the binary logistics option. We can use this technique to analyse and create a formula that can predict the probability of propensities towards one of the two choices.

It's very hot (or cold!?) So hot it becomes scary, what is happening to our world? Why does sometimes it's frigid, yet then it turns scorching within days? Is this happening all over the world?

Originally created by Snowflake, remixed by J.Lang. Check out the video on Youtube:

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