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Plomia's ideology and strategic guidelines for enterprise growth and quality improvements.

Our belief is reflected in our name, which is an acronym for:
Altogether, they make 'PLOMIA' (Persistence and Love in Operating, Marketing, Investing, and Auditing), and you can use them as a guideline to manage your enterprise. In short, we believe all these aspects are necessary to run a healthy business.
Persistence — The Fuel for Miracles
  • Entrepreneurship is hard, one needs miracles in every aspect (operating, marketing, investing, and auditing) to be successful.
  • Miracles are attainable through persistent actions which involve creativity and consistency.
Persistence for Management

Love — The One Thing AI Cannot Replace
  • Rules are necessary but love is the core wisdom that should always exist to promote growth.
  • Although love seems abstract and illogical, there are plenty of scientifically based findings supporting the logical aspect of implementing compassionate management in enterprises resulting in significant positive impacts.
Managing with Love

Operating — Gross and Net Margin
  • Being able to operate as expected is the first and foremost activity in any enterprise before starting to make profits.
  • Although each enterprise's operations are unique, the results should always be quantifiable in dollar value.
  • The dollar value of an enterprise's operations, including its marketing result (sales) can be used as metrics to measure the efficiency (gross margin) and productivity (net margin).
Operations Management

Marketing — Total Sales Volume
  • Marketing is a part of an enterprise's operations which focuses on bringing sales to the income statement, and while the consensus proposes that marketing is not sales, we believe they are the same thing.
  • Market (people) are unpredictable. In a perfect world, it is best to target only the most potential buyers, implementing the 80:20 rules, however, our observation suggests that market uncertanties favour quantity over quality.
Marketing Strategies

Investing — Financial Risk and Return
  • One of the best investments one can make is to invest in education, especially in financial reporting and analysis.
  • Investing activities, although separate from the enterprise's operations, are equally important and should be relevant with the operations.
  • Results come slow from investments, even so, with correct approach, it will one day surpass what you can and have generated with marketing efforts.
Investment Management and Analysis

Auditing — Automation Checks and Balances
  • When things start to seem too good to be true, perform the audit. When things start to go bad, perform the audit. Just do it regularly. No excuses.
  • Financial audit focuses on the monetary numbers, internal audit focuses on SOP (standard operating procedures) or systems metrics
  • Plomia believe auditing's primary goal is to achieve maximum automation with minimum to no misconduct.
Audit Principles

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