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We understand becoming a decision maker is never easy. We know that there is this thing called decision fatigue—and it is real! Sometimes when you get too caught up in the daily routines you can, of course, miss one thing or two that turns out to be critical. Don't worry, ask any C-level officer and they will surely say that they do make such mistakes, it is completely normal, and by the way, it is why we are here now!

Just in the last 50 years, there are hundreds, if not thousands, of new discoveries of how we should operate or manage or market our business. These findings, although well-documented and can now be easily obtained thanks to the internet, are massive! They are scattered all over the world—or the internet, if you will—and you as the business' officer might not have the chance to catch up with all of them. In fact, only a few people are able to do it and they are usually the researcher in the related field or professional consultants like us. Chances are, while you're spending a few minutes reading this page, new hypotheses are being accepted at this very moment, so yes, the knowledge itself is always expanding and it takes effort to learn them.

So, what do we do to help you exactly? Backed up by those seemingly unending breakthroughs, we can find some that are similar to your problems and find an effective solution out of it. In other words, we minimise your risk, and more importantly: uncertainty.

We minimise your risks and reduce uncertainties.

There is a risk for everything we do. But is it really a risk or is it uncertainty? The difference is, one is calculable while the other is not. Taking risks is not the same as moving in uncertainty. We know what's behind a risk, we can predict the outcome, or at least the probability of the outcome when it is done at a rate that is statistically significant. On the other hand, uncertainty forces us to make that ambiguous step which may result in disastrous consequences. Here in Plomia, we avoid the later and try to open all the facts in order to obtain the insight for the first.

While it is true that business involves so many factors—by the way, it is the reason why the stock market is very unpredictable—the world nowadays, luckily, have gathered plenty of data that we can use as a reference to determine what works and what doesn't. This way, we can relate our problem or situation with those findings and might even compare to find the most suitable action for us to be done. Very convenient indeed, but before we can use it to decide any action, we need to define clearly where we're at at this moment. Our consulting service is also geared to gather such defining facts, despite also providing strategies.

By completely analysing your company through various means, we can determine where your business is standing right now. Sometimes it requires more than your side of the story---like publicly available data about your business, a financial statement can really be useful. Even further, for a better analysis, you can also provide other data that can enhance our review such as your business identities, company profile, and track records. In fact, anything that is related to your business is usable including your personal opinion or your employees' towards the business.

Our offer is plain simple, we analyse your business, give the overview report of your business' condition. The good news is, it is given to you without any charge, it's FREE and we promise you that we will always keep any identity secret. All you need to do is email us (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) the details of your problem and your business' data, but please read our Privacy and Cookies Policy and Terms and Conditions before you do it. In simple words, all identity-related data that you're sending to us will be kept private but you give us permission to share the story anonymously and/or pseudonymously.

Nevertheless, if you want the PAID service, you will get the additional suggestions containing strategies for improvements. This comes at the price of $549 per case, and all the data will be kept private and purged soon after it is resolved unless you explicitly allow us to share the story anonymously and/or pseudonymously.

Our free consulting service provides a general overview and insights while the paid one gives you additional strategies to overcome the situation.

Anyway, why would we share the case? Well, in most cases, we don't. But if it is educational and can confirm any theories further to help determine the best-practise method of new or developing theories, we might. That being said, our main reason is to contribute to improving businesses all over the world for the improvement of human prosperity. We appreciate your kind understanding. Please directly email us (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) for further information.

So, are you ready to open up? Don't hesitate to barrage us with questions if you have to! Thank you for your interest.



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